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Emergency Support Services is a team of volunteers that work with emergency services agencies to provide a variety of assets to aid in their work.

Our team is a non-profit community response organization based out of the Greater Cincinnati Area of Ohio. Those in our ranks have training from multiple local, state, and federal agencies in a variety of emergency response roles. In addition to this training there are our years of personal and professional experience in technologies used to support public service entities.

Our training in emergency response gives us the ability to help our governmental emergency responders, volunteer responders, our neighbors, and ourselves when emergency management expertise is most needed.

We offer our expertise in staging, mass audio, lighting, and communications to governmental agencies and other emergency response groups when asked, without charge.

As part of our commitment to service, we also offer continuing education and training. Any interested parties, those looking to join our ranks or not, are welcome to contact us for more information.

One of our key objectives is to train the community in disaster response so every individual can become an asset rather instead of a liability in the event of a disaster.